Dollish Polish - Purple Rain Swatch & Review

Purchased by me

Hey lovelies,

Here's a pretty polish I wore last week which you may have seen in the last two FOTDs in my recent FOTD catch up.

Dollish Polish Purple Rain swatch

It's Purple Rain by Dollish Polish, a new addition to my collection. I bought a trio of minis from Dollish Polish recently and couldn't resist adding another Prince inspired polish to my collection. I think this is my third polish titled 'Purple Rain', haha (I also have iterations by NARS and Nubar). 

My favourite part of this Purple Rain is the tiny iridescent bar glitters hiding in the base. They glint and glow rather than dominating the polish and they're rather difficult to see in the photo, but do enlarge it and take a peek at the top of my ring finger nail. 

Formula was ever so slightly tricky on this polish. It was mostly opaque at 3 coats, but I found that Purple Rain was a little thick and really, REALLY doesn't like to be overmanipulated. The texture becomes PVA-like and stringy if you overmanipulate. I used four coats in the end for complete opacity. You could definitely get away with 3 if you are more patient and careful than me!

I bought my bottle of Purple Rain directly from Dolly on her website.


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