This Week's Mail/Haul


Hey lovelies,

I guess this fortnight's mail/haul would be more accurate, I'm terrible at keeping up to date at the moment! In no particular order, here we go!

Wet n Wild Sparkle 'Til Morning and a stunning polish ring from a lovely lady in our polish group on Facebook. I've been lusting after Sparkle 'Til Morning for ages but struggled to find someone shipping internationally on Ebay, so was so excited to get this!!

The stunning polish ring - ALL THE FLAKIES!


L'Oreal Infallible Le Rouge lipsticks in Ravishing Red, Bold Bordeaux and Forever Fuchsia. I got them from skatestuff on Trade Me for the bargaintastic price of $9.50 each with free shipping. I highly recommend this seller, unfortunately the tops of Ravishing Red & Forever Fuchsia were a little squashed in transit, but the seller was fabulous when I brought this to their attention, offering to refund right away. I was happy to keep them, but wanted to let them know about the issue. Great customer service!

I purchased the Color Club Winter Affair collection from USA Nails Online for just $19! What a gorgeous set of polishes and what a fantastic price. Unfortunately USA Nails has sold out of these sets now, but do check their site out - they often have other amazing deals.

Noel decided to investigate...

I also got a new bottle of Disco Dress and Gimme A Grape Big Kiss from the Color Club team, because they are amazing. They saw my post about the demise of my original bottle of Disco Dress and came to the rescue. Thanks guys!

I hauled some more pretties from Michaela's destash and she included some extras as birthday gifts! What a sweetheart. Left to right, we have Ulta3 Pink Hibiscus, Ulta3 Acapulco Bliss, LA Girl Metal Copper Alloy, The Lady Varnishes Raven King, Daring Digits Blueberry Blues, Daring Digits Snowed In, Daring Digits Mellowed Mint and Nubar Pink Flame.

I also pillaged Grace's destash and bought OPI It's My Year, LA Girl Rockstar Heavy Metal and Pretty & Polished Dolli-Pop. She sent me Cheer Camp and more binder rings for my swatch sticks as birthday prezzies. Thank you Grace!!

I hauled OPI Nail Envy and OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls (a big lemming!) for 50% off at Island Bay pharmacy. Then I found a 50% off stand of ZA Cosmetics and swatched up a storm choosing a lippy, as I'd been eyeing their lipstick range up for a while. I chose RD02 Honey Rouge, which is a gorgeous slightly orange toned sheer beige. A very flattering 'my lips but better' shade. I must go back to pick up more next pay because they're only $7 on sale!!

While we were shopping Noel scored some bargains too - new socks from Farmers at 30% off and stickers from Warehouse Stationery. He asked me to include them in his Noelish way, which basically means pointing at things and saying "Mm? Mm?", haha.

Noel also got himself his very own Mickey Mouse lipbalm as he kept eating mine. When we found it at the pharmacy he came running to me yelling "MUMMY MUMMY MUMMY!" with excitement. He was great for a couple of days, carefully applying it to his lips. But then he ate it. Oops.

Lastly a got a birthday parcel from my very sweet friend Zoe with some pretty false lashes, Glitter Gal Twisted Jealousy, Lush Lacquer Flippin Out, CR #42 (which is SO glowy!) and some Ferrero Rocher - which Noel attacked before I could take a photo, lol. Thanks so much Zoe!

Noel munching a Ferrero Rocher :D

Did you get any mail this week?


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