Rimmel Moisture Renew Cream Lipgloss - SOS Red Swatch & Review


Hey lovelies,

I hope your week has gone wonderfully. Last night I took Michael out for dinner for his birthday, it was lots of fun.

Today I have a very pretty Rimmel gloss to share with you. It's SOS Red, from the Moisture Renew cream lipgloss line by Rimmel.

Red and purple! In theory you clash, but you look so good to me ^_^
This pretty tube holds 6ml of product - comparatively, most MAC lipglosses are 4.8g.

Something odd to note with this product is that while the applicator is a long paddle shaped sponge, product only seems to gather on the very tip. It makes applying the gloss take considerably longer because you're only able to use the tip of the applicator, rather than using the whole length of the paddle to cover more surface at once.

Swatched on my arm, SOS Red looks more opaque than it really is. On the lips you lose some of the gold shimmer and it tends to settle into lip lines. It can be a little difficult to get even too. I'm inclined to wear this over a red lipliner rather than solo, but others may prefer the sheer look. It does look more even at a reasonable viewing distance too!
It has a faint sweet scent which isn't unpleasant and is not tacky the way many glosses can be.

The Moisture Renew lipgloss seems to be discontinued from what I can see - it's not listed on Rimmel's website. As with many discontinued products however, I imagine it can be found at discount stores and places that stock parallel imports, like Postie Plus. I found my tube at Postie for $6NZD.

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