Matching manis! + PANZ Copycat Mani

Hey lovelies,

For once I'm posting my PANZ mani during the week for the challenge! This week our Facebook polish group did copycat manis - inspired by or a copy of an existing mani. I took inspiration from ChitChat Nails' famous Skittlette manis - Marta has done an awesome how-to post here.

Thumb: Orly - Ma Cherie, 2 coats
Index: Orly - Ma Cherie, 2 coats + Cult Nails Studs
Middle & Ring: China Glaze - 2030, 1 coat + OPI - Goldeneye, 3 coats
Pinky: Orly - Ma Cherie, 1 coat + China Glaze - Pure Joy, 2 coats

Noel wanted to have his nails done too, so I did them to match! He's such a funny boy. He got a coat of Orly Ma Cherie on his pinky, index and thumb, and China Glaze 2030 on middle and ring fingers. He also got a wee dab of OPI Goldeneye over 2030.

My friend Emily said it looked like my mani was Avengers inspired, wish I'd thought of that! I don't want to take it off! Must skittlette more!

If you're in NZ and keen to join the polish group, you can request access here. We're really friendly :)


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