Lime Crime Carousel Gloss - Candy Apple & Cherry On Top Swatches & Review


Hey lovelies,

How was your weekend? We celebrated Mike's birthday and I worked :)

Today I have some gorgeous glosses to share with you that I received from Mike for Christmas a few years back. Two of Lime Crime's original Carousel glosses!

The glosses come in super cute spiral tubes. They contain 3.5g of product (comparatively, most MAC lipglosses are 4.8g).

Look at all that sparkle!

Swatched over bare lips

Cherry On Top is a bright pink with iridescent pink/purple shimmer. I love how bright and fun this colour is! 

Swatched over bare lips

If you've ever wished you could wear China Glaze's Ruby Pumps on your lips (and hopefully thought better of it), this is the gloss for you. It's a deep red base packed with red microglitter. Gorgeous by itself, but I think it packs even more of a punch over lipliner. 

I have trouble with both glosses feathering on me, which means I don't wear them as often as I'd like. They're also prone to migrating inwards towards your teeth, so be prepared to check for gloss on your teeth! I have a hunch these would work wonderfully over the Velevetines - their matte base should boost the opacity and reduce the feathering issues - so will have to try that out. Plus they're just so gorgeous to have and to look at!

Still on my Lime Crime wishlist are the Present and Snowsicle Carousel glosses (okay, and Babette, Geradium, Coquette and Poisonberry...)

Carousel Glosses retail for $16.99USD on Lime Crime's website. They are also available through NZ stockist Gracie Lou.


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