Good morning lovelies,

Oh dear, my poor neglected blog. I'm doing a Toastmaster programme at the moment which means I'm writing speeches when I'm usually blogging. I haven't forgotten you though, and things will be back to normal before long. I'm really enjoying Toastmasters though and highly recommend it.

Here's a polish I lusted after as soon as it was released but bided my time and waited to snag at a bargain price :D It's Dior Waterlily! Instead of paying NZ retail (over $50) I found my bottle on Trade Me for $20. Score!

Glisten & Glow - Stuck On Blu!
Dior - Waterlily, 3 coats
Glisten & Glow - HK Girl

It's so very pretty. Slightly more muted than Milani Dressmaker (itself a Chanel Jade dupe) and it's more of a pearl finish than a straight up shimmer. It has a floral scent which isn't my favourite but isn't overbearing even when newly applied. I've been wearing Waterlily since Saturday and the scent is still there, though faint. I'm really glad I waited for the opportunity to snag this beauty :)

Have you got any Diors? Would you pay retail?



  1. I really like this. I love green and this is such a pretty subtle one.

    1. I agree, it's such a peaceful green :)