Miki Lipstick - Fuschia Fun & Runaway Red Swatches & Review

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Hey lovelies,

Recently, while picking up yet another replacement liquid eyeliner, I happened across a pharmacy that had testers of their Miki products. I'd been eyeing up some of their coloured liquid eyeliners, so jumped at the chance to swatch them - and then I saw the lipstick testers. I'd glanced at their lipsticks when they first started popping up in stores but wasn't too keen on buying one without swatching it first. So when I found these testers, I swatched everything they had before deciding on Fuschia Fun (their misspelling). I'm not really sure why so many cosmetics companies find it difficult to spell 'fuchsia' correctly. Do they not have access to spell check?

After trying and loving Fuschia Fun, I picked up Runaway Red the next time I came across a Miki stand. I don't know if I'll pick up any more shades from the Miki lipstick line - the remaining shades are pearl finish nudes, a baby pink and a mauve from memory, none of which would be very flattering on me. But I really like the two that I have.

Let's start with Fuschia Fun!

Miki Fuschia Fun lipstick

The lipsticks come in plain black packaging with a little colour swatch at the bottom so you can see at a glance which lippy you are grabbing. This is really handy when your lip bag is as chockful as mine is!

Miki Fuschia Fun lipstick swatch

Fuschia Fun is a neutral pink with a lovely soft sheen and great pigmentation.

Miki Fuschia Fun lipstick swatch
Swatched over bare lips, no lipliner.


Miki Runaway Red lipstick

Miki Runaway Red lipstick swatch

Runaway Red is more of a coral-red than a true red, but since I'm a sucker for both corals and reds I'm pretty happy :) Like Fuschia Fun, it has great pigmentation and sheen.

Miki Runaway Red lipstick swatch
Swatched over bare lips, no primer.

Both lipsticks have a faint synthetic scent which isn't unpleasant. The tube contains 4g of product - comparatively, MAC lipsticks are 3g, so the Miki lippies are great value for money.

You can find a full FOTD featuring Fuschia Fun here, and a full look with Runaway Red here. Will you be trying them out too?

Miki products are $4 each or two for $6 at selected pharmacies and Postie Plus stores in New Zealand.

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  1. awesome post. i love shopping at postie. real cheap, considering makeup in NZ are pricey as!

    1. Thanks! Love a bargain, you're right about how expensive make up in NZ is!

  2. I love Miki Lipsticks, I have the same two as you! I'm not too keen on some of their other cosmetics though; aside from their coloured eyeliners.

    Elizabeth's Boredom

    1. I must confess, I haven't tried anything else of theirs besides the lipsticks and liquid liners. What other things have you tried?