LA Colors Grafix Eyeliner - Black, Lime and Plum Swatches & Review


Hey lovelies,

Up for review today are several colours from LA Colors' Grafix Eyeliner collection. I picked up Black, Plum and Lime from Uncle Bills a month or so ago.

The liners come in a 3.5ml tube with a firm, pointed sponge tip applicator. The wand is a decent length and the sponge has enough give that it is not uncomfortable to use, but still firm enough to get a steady line.

On to swatches!

I have been using Black daily since purchasing it and it's a pretty good eyeliner. One thing I do find is that you have to be careful not to get any in your lashes during application as they'll clump up and it makes applying mascara afterwards trickier. I don't know about others, but I apply liquid eyeliner with my eyes open, so avoiding my lashes can be a little tough. I had the same issue with MAC's Superslick liner causing clumping, I think I just need to refine my technique!

I haven't noticed any lid transfer or cracking with the Black eyeliner. You do sometimes have to dip back into the tube a few times to get enough product to line with. I really like that Black has a somewhat glossy finish.

I was very excited about Plum; there were no testers for this shade at Uncle Bill's and the outside of the tube looks like a blackened shimmering plum. Swatched though, it is lighter and more metallic. I do still like it, just not as much as I thought I would. I had trouble with this liner shrinking on the lid as it dried, which caused it to crack during wear. It's also much less opaque than Black.

Lime performed better than Plum, although still not quite as well as Black. It requires a few strokes for opacity, but didn't crack as much as Plum did.

The packaging doesn't seem flimsy, but it could be stronger. Case in point: after a month or so of using Black, this happened:

The tube got stuck together where it opens and cracked the plastic around it. I was still able to use it - very, very carefully - for a day or so after it happened while I hunted for a new eyeliner, so it was nice that it didn't immediately dry out. It's obviously not hygienic though, and it's disappointing that it happened in the first place. I've never broken a liquid eyeliner before. 

A look featuring the Plum and Black liners stacked. You can see the full FOTD here.

A look with the Black eyeliner. The full FOTD post is here.

And finally a look featuring the Lime eyeliner stacked. The full look can be found here.

I found my eyeliners at Uncle Bills for around $6.00. I've also seen them in local Postie Plus stores for the same price. They can also be found on Cherry Culture for $2USD. Despite the incident with Black, I'd still love to try the Navy shade next!


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