New Ardell Lashes + Silly pictures with Noel


Hey lovelies,

I hope your day is going well! I had an early start as I am attending a Toastmasters course for the next couple of months. It starts at 7AM sharp, a bit of a change for Noel and I - we usually wake around 10! I never used to sleep in late, but evening work and a son that enjoys sleeping in has changed that over the past couple of years.

Here is the make up I wore to work yesterday; I picked up some Ardell #139 lashes as they looked similar to some LE MAC eyelashes Kelly Eden often wears. I love the look of that style on her, but I'm undecided on whether I like them on me or not.

The lash band is stiffer than other Ardell lashes I have used, and I found it exceptionally difficult to get the lashes to stick to the inner corner. I am missing my good pair of tweezers though - it probably would have been easier to get a more precise application if I had them. Because my application was off, they scratched a bit during wear and I ended up taking them off halfway through work, which isn't something I have done with fake lashes before. I'm undecided as to whether I'll wear them for birthday or not... hm. I might try trimming them a little shorter and wearing them again first.

MUA Matte Perfect Face Primer
MUA BB Cream Shade #1 Light
MAC Select Cover-Up NW15 concealer
MAC Studio Sculpt NC15 foundation
MAC Mighty Aphrodite blush
MAC Perfect Topping MSF

Lime Crime primer
Wet n Wild Greed palette - peach shimmer all over lid/highlight, matte peach in crease, matte beige to blend out
Wet n Wild Comfort Zone palette -  left crease shade on lower lashline
Miki Intense Colour liquid liner - black
Ardell #139 fake lashes
Bourjois 1001 Lashes mascara

NYX Pinky lipliner
Miki Runaway Red lipstick


After I was done with make up photos, Noel and I took some silly pictures on our porch, but they all came out blurry!

The red around Noel's mouth is Wet n Wild Red Velvet lipstick... my darling son decided to chomp into it when I turned back for a second! Good thing he is cute and it's only a cheap lippy! I'll probably cut the top off after I clean up the sides.

Had any crazy make up mishaps like this?


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