Australis Eyeshadow Palette - Green With Envy Swatches & Review


Hey lovelies,

Today I have an older Australis quad to show you. Australis have revamped their line considerably, and this palette has been discontinued for a while now. However the discontinued stock has shown up in Reduced To Clear stores around New Zealand for as little as $1.00, so I thought it was worth reviewing in any case :)

The palette comes with a dual ended applicator - a brush on one end and a sponge on the other. I prefer my own brushes so can't report on the quality of the applicator unfortunately.

Each individual pan is slightly longer than the ones in the Wet n Wild Coloricon 6 pan palettes (Pride, Greed etc). The Australis quad contains 8.8g of product - comparatively, the Wet n Wild 6 pan palettes hold 7g, while a single MAC eyeshadow is 1.5g.

Swatched on bare skin, no primer.

The white shade put me in mind of MAC's famous Vanilla pigment, but when I compared the two it was pretty clear that they are not dupes. Vanilla has a whiter base and has stronger pink sparkles compared to the Australis eyeshadow. This might be a 'close enough' dupe for you if you stumble upon this palette, though. Both have a place in my collection; I'm a big fan of the inner corner highlight and the Australis version has great pigmentation and texture.

I thought the light green shade might be close to MAC Pastorale pigment, but the Australis eyeshadow is lighter and has more of a golden sheen. I threw in MAC Gilded Green pigment for kicks, but it is obviously a whole other shade of green.

The teal shade is very disappointing - it looks so promising in the palette, but as you can see from my swatch, is very sheer. It took several swipes to get the little colour you can see there. While I have several teals in my collection, they are all a lot more opaque - no dupes here.

The blackened green shimmer is simply gorgeous, but it takes a bit of building for the opacity in the swatch. I really like this smoked out at the lashline.

Here's a look I did with this palette:

I started with a shimmery teal cream eyeshadow as a base to boost the opacity of the light green and teal. Then I used the light green on the inner half of the lid, the teal on the outer half, the blackened green in the crease and on the lower lashline and the white shade to highlight.

To view the full look and product listing, click here.

With the exception of the teal shade, I think all of these eyeshadows are worth having. To be honest I'd probably buy this quad for the white shade alone!

Have you got any Australis eyeshadows? Do you like them?


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