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Hey lovelies,

Another week has gone by! Sorry I've been absent over the last couple of days, I have been flat out preparing for my sister's 21st birthday party. We had such a lovely time, I hope she loved her party.

I received lots of goodies in the mail this week, but unfortunately Noel has damaged the lens on my camera - AGAIN - so I haven't been able to photograph them all. I'm getting really sick of the camera casualties round here :s Noel is adept at pushing his little chairs (from a children table & chairs set) around the house to get at everything - everytime I think I've put something safely out of his reach, he surprises me. I've just cleared out the very high top shelf of a cupboard to put my camera in when it is fixed.

Anyway - onto the mail that I did manage to photograph, in no particular order:

A spikey hairtie from Ebay! So cool, but a little hard to put on - the spikes kept getting stuck in my hair!

Calvin Klein Opus. Sex in a bottle - check out Pretty Random's swatch of this beauty here.

I got this super amazing care package from my gorgeous friend Vanessa. I bought my first Lime Crime Velvetine, Suedeberry, from her and she included all these polishes and candy to cheer me up post-Felix. The polishes are Chi Chi Show Me The Money, OPI Goldeneye and The World Is Not Enough, Sally Hansen Shining and Wet N Wild Sparked.

Spike bracelet from Ebay! Feels as cheap as it was (less than $2 with free shipping), but I still like it :)

Bows from Ebay. Can't wait to try this mani again with different bow colours!

Carousel pendant from Ebay. Sadly half of the gems are missing :(

I picked up these earrings at Equip while shopping for my sister's 21st prezzy. I'm not usually one for skulls, but these ones were so cute! Look out for these earrings in an upcoming FOTD post!

Image source: Glassons.

More Glassons jeans arrived on Friday; I'm buying an item of clothing each fortnight from them to build my Winter wardrobe at a wallet friendly pace. Love their free shipping! The tube leg spray on jeans are so comfy too - I got Stone Wash this time, but they also come in Ink, Black and Bleach. I may have to get a second pair of the Ink ones because I have been wearing them constantly since they arrived last fortnight.

Continuing the Glassons love, I thrifted a Glassons white with orange birds printed cardigan in perfect condition for $6 along with a sleek Switch belted pencil skirt for $4 from Opportunity for Animals on Thursday. I've been hunting for a new pencil skirt for aaaaages!

I also got an adorable bunny eared scrunchie and a swap package from Dana at Polished Claws Up. I will try to take photos with our tablet tomorrow!

What did you haul this week? Get any awesome mail?


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  1. The spike hairtie looks awesome! Too bad that it always gets caught on hair though ):

    1. I think it's worth the trouble though :D


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