MUA Glamour Nights Palette - Swatches & Review


Hey lovelies,

Up for review today is MUA's Glamour Nights palette, an intriguing mix of colours.

Shade 1 - A matte white which I found incredibly sheer - you can barely see it on my arm!
Shade 2 - The second shade is pretty cool - it's like an eyeshadow version of Chanel Paradoxal! A bit sheer.
Shade 3 - An inky navy shimmer with great colour pay off.
Shade 4 - Pigmented silver shimmer packed with sparkle. Feels lovely and soft.
Shade 5 - Grey-taupe with a satin finish.
Shade 6 - Rich chocolate brown shimmer which tends to be a little gritty. I had trouble with fall out when using this shade.
Shade 7 - Matte black, wonderfully pigmented - MUA do matte black very well!
Shade 8 - Brown leaning gold shimmer. 
Shade 9 - Emerald green shimmer which looks absolutely luscious in the pan, but is sheer and difficult to build upon application.
Shade 10 - Matte violet which swatches more lavender.
Shade 11 - Deep pink shimmer which can double as a blush.
Shade 12 - A creamy shimmery highlight shade.

The packaging is sleek plastic, nothing too fancy, but it houses the eyeshadows securely. The palette comes with a double tipped sponge applicator, which I don't use but others may find useful.

It's an intriguing mix of colours, and you could certainly do worse for the price you pay. I think there are more hits than misses in this palette, so it's a great choice to add variation to your collection and experiment with if you're just starting out with eyeshadow.

The MUA Glamour Nights palette retails for £4 and is available on their website here. They ship internationally, hooray! 


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