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Hey lovelies,

Another MUA palette review! I'm slowly getting through my stack of things to review. I want to make sure I try each colour before blogging about the palettes. Despite finding this and Pretty Pastels a bit disappointing, I'm still going to buy Dusk Till Dawn at some stage.

The packaging is sleek plastic, nothing too fancy, but it houses the eyeshadows securely. The palette comes with a double tipped sponge applicator, which I don't use but others may find useful.

Shade 1 - Pigmented off-white shimmer which works well as both a lid shade and as a highlight.
Shade 2 - Aqua with gold shimmer. Looks a little cheap and gritty in the pan, but once swatched it transforms into a gorgeous shade perfect for a mermaid.
Shade 3 - Rusty burgundy shimmer. Gorgeous with dark browns as a smokey eye, makes green eyes pop. This shade was smooth and had good pigmentation.
Shade 4 - Matte pale peach - surprisingly opaque and smooth for a matte! Well done, MUA.
Shade 5 - Matte tan. Great as a lid shade, blends out well.
Shade 6 - Shimmery blue. Yuck. This is mostly personal taste - the eyeshadow is decently pigmented, but the gritty silver shimmer just screams 'cheap' to me.
Shade 7 - Bright satin purple which looks amazing in the pan, but is sheer and prone to patchiness when swatched.
Shade 8 - Shimmery lavender, very easy to work with.
Shade 9 - Semi sheer dirty gold. Works well as a highlight.
Shade 10 - Dark matte brown, patchy and sheer.
Shade 11 - Semi sheer shimmery brown - this is one of those shades that is sheer in a good way, it's impossible to over do. Great as a wash of colour on the lid or for a softly defined crease.
Shade 12 - Another dirty gold shimmer, lighter than Shade 9 and smoother in texture.

I've used the palette a couple of times so far, and with the notable exception of Shades 7 & 10, have found the shadows really easy to work with. They blend well, and with a good primer, I didn't notice any fading. There was minimal creasing at the end of the day, but I blame that on my very oily lids and the air conditioning in our office rather than the eyeshadows.

You can find FOTDs with this palette here and here.

I'd recommend this palette if you'd like to add a range of colours to your eyeshadow collection without spending a lot, but there are better palettes out there.

The MUA Glamour Days palette retails for £4 and is available on their website here. They ship internationally, hooray!


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  1. Oh, Thank you for the review and swatches, this helps me a lot. <3


    1. I'm glad :) Thanks for stopping by!


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