Last week's mail additions


Hey lovelies,

I mentioned in last week's mail post that I had a few more things to photograph - well, here they are! The photo quality is not the same on my tablet, but it's better than nothing while I hunt for a replacement camera lens *sigh*.

My swap package from Dana! Aren't these polishes pretty? She sent me: China Glaze Winter Holly, Confetti Party Palace Blue, Milani Hi-Tech, Wet N Wild Fast Dry Stars & Stripes, Confetti My Favourite Martian, GOSH Metallic Blue, NYC Starry Silver Glitter and The Spooky Bones Company Deep Space Fine. Thank you Dana!

And here is my bunny eared scrunchie from Ebay. The bow/bunny ear parts have wire in them so that you can pose them. So cute!


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  1. So many glitter polishes omg, they're all so pretty <3

    1. I'm so spoilt! I can't wait to try Winter Holly :)


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