This Week's Mail!


Hey lovelies,

A short, sweet and incredibly late mail round up today! I received a few Ebay purchases - I've been buying more clothes lately, and have been spending less online. Good for my wallet and my autumn wardrobe, a bit boring blog-wise though!

On Wednesday I received this floral wonder. It's a bit flimsy, but it's very pretty, and it was cheap as chips. The chain was very long and the necklace was bunching up all over the place, so I pulled out my wire snips and pliers and chopped and changed until I got it sitting nicely against my collarbone. I'll post a FOTD featuring this necklace soon!

On Friday I received these two necklaces! Again, the chain was too long on the bunting necklace (LOVE the hot pink!), so I've hacked it up a bit too! I'm a bit underwhelmed by the filigree collar but I'll give it a go. Can't win 'em all, and I've been pleasantly surprised by most of my Ebay jewellery purchases!

Did you get any mail this week?


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