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Hey lovelies,

Today I'd like to share something a bit different, a spotlight on my favourite handmade children's clothing brand. It's SilverCircus, handmade locally in Petone, Wellington.

SilverCircus is designed and handmade in Petone by Ange Holtslag. She does a lot of her own screen printing, often with designs by artist Kieran Rynhart. There's a great article about Ange at Prism magazine, here. I can certainly relate to the need to retain a creative outlet, particularly when you're a mum - it's so easy to lose your sense of self when you become a parent, hence why I channel my creativity through crafting, blogging, make up and polish. But I really love that Ange has poured her creativity into children's clothing, because it can be shared with families everywhere!

We first stumbled upon SilverCircus' stall at the Martinborough craft fair in February last year, when Noel was just a little dude. I fell in love with a khaki green hoodie with the most adorable pointy elf hood and bought it for him. It was a little too big for him at the time, but we rolled up the sleeves and a year on, he's still wearing it! Kids grow out of everything so fast, but many of SilverCircus' clothing items are made of two-way stretch knit, so you get longer wear times out of them.

A month after Martinborough craft fair, in March of last year, the SilverCircus stall was at the Newtown festival. We were thrilled with the hoodie, so we picked up two long sleeved tops; one merino and one knit. Noel still fits both of them too!

Now, bear in mind, Noel is not delicate with his clothing. He's a rough and tumble boy, and getting him to wear a bib while eating is a mission and a half. Things get stained. But in our experience, SilverCircus clothing washes and wears very well, despite having some items for over a year, I haven't had to do any repair jobs. I'm definitely planning to put things away for the next child as Noel grows out of them.

More recently, we visited the SilverCircus stall again at this year's Newtown festival and picked him up a hoodie, a t-shirt and a pair of leggings. The quality is just as awesome as we remember, and it was a pleasure chatting with Ange, the designer behind the brand. I'd like to mention that Mike is not a fan of shopping, and buying kids' clothing is not exactly thrill a minute stuff for him. To top it off, he's pretty tight with his money (which is a good thing, budget wise!). BUT he was genuinely looking forward to checking out the SilverCircus stall this year, budgeted money for it and really enjoyed picking out new clothing for Noel there - because he knows it'll last.

Here's Noel in his new hoodie and leggings!

I'm dying over this winter coat Ange recently posted to the brand's Facebook page, one of these may have to be our next purchase!

Now prepare for some Noel spam in his SilverCircus clothing over the last year!

SilverCircus clothing, great for:

Layering (striped merino under his vest) and dancing on the waterfront!

Dressing up (hoodie) 

General mischief (striped shirt) 


Playing Xbox 

Motorbike riding 

Looming mischieviously 


Skidding along the floor! (striped t-shirt)

Shenanigans (merino + leggings)

Fun with Felix

Breakfast time...

Lunch time! 

Adventures with Daddy

And driving! 

Click here to visit the SilverCircus website.
Click here to like SilverCircus on Facebook.

If you're in Wellington, you can stop by the studio in Petone (details on the website). I believe you can also buy through the Facebook page. SilverCircus are slated to be at the Aro Valley Fair on March the 23rd here in Wellington, but this is still to be confirmed according to the website.

I hope you enjoyed this change from the usual beauty blogging stuff. It's nice to share some of the other things our family loves.


PS. I have no affiliation with SilverCircus. I was not asked to write this review, I just wanted to share my love for this brand.

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  1. Totally agree, clothes are great and Ange is an inspiration. So glad you found them!

    1. They are fab. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Awesome, and amazing really to get that kind of wear out of clothes! Love the photos, my favs would be the 'looming' and the sleeping one.. holding hands... AWWWW! :D

    1. Haha, thanks! I knew playing paparazzi with my boys would come in handy one day :p