L'Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow - Gleaming Bronze Swatches & Review


Hey lovelies,

At a recent importer's clearance sale I picked up my first L'oreal Infallible eyeshadow. I've swatched these many times in stores, but I'm not the biggest fan of L'oreal, or their prices here - I believe these retail for around $25 here - so I always held off. Until I found this baby for $9, that is. Then it was mine all mine!

This is #408 Gleaming Bronze, aka Bronze Goddess (UK/other) or Bronze Divine (Canada). MACnunu has a fantastic masterlist of the Infallible eyeshadows and their various names in different countries here, I encourage you to check it out!

Gleaming Bronze reads very green to me, although it looks more brown next to a true green. It's a very pretty shade.

All Infallible eyeshadows come in a sturdy plastic 3.5g jar. The name and product information is printed on top of the jar, and the underside of the jar is transparent so that you can see the colour. I really like that, it means you can see at a glance whether it's the colour you want without having to open each jar to check. Inside there is a plastic stopper to tamp down the product with. The eyeshadow itself is very dense and soft, so it's good to have the stopper to keep it in place.

Gleaming Bronze has fantastic opacity and is packed with shimmer. Although the product is somewhat loose, I didn't have any issues with fall out - it was very easy to work with. I found patting it on the lid with a dense shader brush to be a good method to avoid fall out. Patting instead of swiping helps to keep the colour intense too.

I used Gleaming Bronze for a FOTD last week, and while it didn't wear for the 24 hours it claims on the packaging (which let's face it, is a bit excessive!), it did very well. I got 6 hours wear over primer without any creasing, which is great for me - I have oily lids and everything creases on me pretty quickly. 

Overall, I'm thrilled with this product and have been adding other Infallible shades to my wishlist - Golden Emerald and Cosmic Black are calling my name!

Have you got any Infallible eyeshadows? Do you like them?


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  1. Ooo now you have made me want to try them too!

    1. They are addictive, Grace!


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