Jordana Matte Pink Passion - Swatches & Comparison

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Hey lovelies,

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend! Today I have swatches and a comparison of Jordana Matte Pink Passion. I hadn't looked twice at the Jordana lipsticks before seeing The Make Up Box use Pink Passion, I had to give it a go.
I picked it up at a local dollar store for the princely sum of $3.90 with low expectations - and was blown away.

Jordana Matte Pink Passion lipstick swatches & review

The formula on this lipstick is smooth and long lasting and the pigmentation is pretty good too. It does take a swipe or too more than some of my MAC matte lippies for opacity, but that's not a big deal. The lipstick has a sweet synthetic, candy-like scent. It doesn't feather or bleed, even without lipliner.
Want to know the best thing about this lipstick? It's a dead-on dupe for MAC Please Me! MAC lipsticks retail for $40 here, so a $3.90 dupe is very welcome :)
Looking at the side by side swatches, if I was pushed I'd say Pink Passion is ever so slightly pinker, but in real life I couldn't tell them apart.

You can buy Jordana lipsticks at...

I hope this was helpful :) Have you tried any Jordana lipsticks?


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  1. Going to get one this week! I've been dubious of the Jordana lip colours - thanks! <3

    1. No worries! I haven't tried their regular line, but Danielle & Teigan have swatches of some on Domestic Minxes :)