Waitangi Day at USA Nails Online + Color Club Spam

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Hey lovelies,

The wonderful folk over at USA Nails Online are running a promo on Waitangi Day (today!) where you receive a free nail file with every purchase.

Aren't they adorable? The top one is my favourite! You can visit their store here. Currently they have the Ruby Wing colour changes along with polishes from the Wild At Heart, Wicked Sweet, Alter Ego and Fractured collections in the Color Club range.

Now's as good a time as any to share a bunch of Color Club swatches with you, huh? :D

Color Club Rule Breaker Swatch

Rule Breaker, 2 coats (Shop)

Get Your Lem-On swatch

Get Your Lem-On, 4 coats (Shop)

Color Club I Always Get My Man-Darin swatch

I Always Get My Man-Darin, 4 coats (Shop)

Color Club Gimme Me A Grape Big Kiss swatch

Gimme Me A Grape Big Kiss, 3 coats (Shop)

Color Club Love 'Em/Leave 'Em swatch

Love 'Em/Leave 'Em, 3 coats (Shop)

Color Club Revealed swatch

Revealed, 3 coats (Shop)

The Lime Starts Here, 4 coats (Shop)

Color Club Yum Gum swatch

Yum Gum, 3 coats (Shop)

Color Club Alter Ego swatch

Alter Ego, 3 coats (Shop)

Color Club Wild At Heart swatch

Wild At Heart, 1 coat (Shop)


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