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Hey lovelies,

It's Sunday, which means it's time for a round up of this week's mail! Here's what landed in my mail box this week.

On Monday a spiky necklace I bought on Ebay arrived. I picked it up for $1.60USD with free shipping from zysysy2012. The quality is not amazing, but for the price I don't mind. It's a great way to try some of the current jewellery trends. I wore this necklace in this blog post

Tuesday brought the arrival of another 100 swatch sticks. I've almost finished swatching them already!

On Wednesday I got my Glitzology haul via Lisa, who kindly did a group order and brought them into work. They're so little and cute! 
I also received my replacement Nectar lipstick from MUA with the correct packaging, and they sent an extra one to make up for the confusion, so sweet!

Thursday was an amazing mail day! I received some adorable bows from Born Pretty Store. I also received three polishes from the 2013 Halo Hues collection from Color Club NZ to review. Check out that holo power! Left to right, they are Kismet, Miss Bliss and Eternal Beauty. Eternal Beauty reminds me of China Glaze LOL. I feel a comparison coming on...

On Friday I received two OPI polishes for subscribing to M2Woman magazine with my Fly Buys points. I was expecting fairly boring shades so Excuse Moi! and Designer... De Better! were a pleasant surprise. I'm not sure these colours will suit me though.

Finally, on Saturday Noel received some mail from the ever wonderful Ness! I'm looking forward to putting this up in Noel's room.


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  1. I remember when the OPI Muppets Collection first came out, I kept on staring at Designer... De Better and Warm & Fozzie whenever I went to Farmers. I spent a long time debating on whether I should get them or not, never did in the end - my wallet complained loud enough to sway me from buying them ;)

    1. Warm & Fozzie is so gorgeous! Good resisting though :)


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