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Hey lovelies,

It's the end of the week, which means it's time for another round up of the mail I received! It was a slow week for parcels; I only got two of them. But the two I received were pretty darn awesome!

On Monday I was pleased to find my second MUA order from their 50,000 Facebook fans sale. This time it was a group order, so the piles of goodies you see above weren't all for me, I promise!
I purchased the Pretty Pastels and Glamour Days palettes for myself, along with Pearl eyeshadows in #28 and #29. I also snagged the Matte Perfect Primer, Pro-Base Fixing Spray and Nail Constellations in Leo.
I went a bit nuts taking photos of the haul, plus the bag was almost as big as Noel! Noel loves when we get mail ^_^

On Thursday my Daring Digits order arrived. Ash kindly upsized my bottle of Popped from a mini to a fullsize bottle, and included some super cute extras! Noel quickly claimed the donut eraser and rock star bracelets (you can see him running off with them!), but his absolute favourite was the hot pink lizard. He decided it needed to be in the final photo :) Isn't the handwritten note sweet too?
I've already worn More Dots (in the centre) and can't wait to try Popped (left) and On Wednesdays (right). Ash recently announced that all her polishes should be considered limited edition from now on, so I've gone a bit batty lusting after some of her creations for fear of missing out. I'm hoping to snag Daring, Lazer Tag, Mage and Peppered Up next.

What did you get in the mail this week?


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