Recent sightings in Wellington!


Hey lovelies,

I hope you had a lovely start to your week. Today I want to share some photos I snapped quickly while at Uncle Bills in Kilbirnie, Wellington over the weekend. I love Uncle Bills, it is such a goldmine! They often have parallel imports you won't find elsewhere in NZ stores, or much cheaper than in other stores. Things do tend to sell out pretty quickly though.

LA Girl Glitter Addicts in Eutopia, Uninhibited (black glitter!) and Flamboyant.

I love the look of these LA Color Grafix liners! I really want to try the green and black for starters, but at this price I'll probably grab a few shades to experiment with.

I like the look of the glitter eyeliners!

LA Colors Sparkle Gloss in Sparkling

Here's what I picked up - LA Colors Sparkle Gloss in Sparkling, LA Girl Glitter Addict in Eutopia and LA Colors polishes in Merlot and Cactus.


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