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Hey lovelies,

Today I have my first review of one of the goodies I recently purchased from MUA. MUA recently had a 50,000 Facebook fans sale where they offered 50% and free shipping. It was an amazing deal! I placed one big order for myself, and then a second group order with some friends to nab the items that were out of stock when I initially ordered. You can see the first haul here.

MUA copped a bit of flack for the site outages and payment processing errors that took place during the sale, which made me feel pretty bad for them. I imagine they were unprepared for just how viral the sale would go. This was my first experience ordering from MUA and the trouble certainly didn't put me off ordering again. Even without the sale, they are great products for the price you pay. In fact, I'm already eagerly planning my next order :)

Anyway, enough of my rambling! Let's get down to business. Swatches and a review of one of their Trio Eyeshadows: Smokescreen.

MUA Smokescreen Trio Eyeshadow

MUA Smokescreen Trio Eyeshadow

The eyeshadows come in this sturdy little compact with a double ended sponge applicator. I don't use these applicators, but it's a nice touch for those who do. The eyeshadows are more domed than my photos show, which amuses and appeals to me for no good reason. I just like them :) The compact clicks shut securely with a little catch on the side (to the left of the charcoal black shadow).

MUA Smokescreen Trio Eyeshadow swatch
Swatched on my bare arm, no primer.
The eyeshadows have good pigmentation for the most part - the white looks a little lacklustre here, but it's competing with the whiteness of my arm :p The grey was the sheerest of the three. They all have a smooth texture.

And a make up look using the trio!

Stila Make Me Blush

MUA Smokescreen Trio - Grey all over lid and on lower lashline, charcoal along upper lashline, white to highlight

ModelCo Sienna Sunset gloss

Forgot to do my brows... d'oh!

I'm not usually a smokey eye kinda gal, but it was nice to try something a bit different to my usual neutral eyes and bright lips. This is definitely a set I'll reach for if I'm in the mood for smokey eyes again, and I'm keen to check out more of the eyeshadow trios.

Have you tried any of MUA's Trios?


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