Last week's mail! (Late edition!)


Hey lovelies,

Last week I got so much mail that I didn't get time photograph it all before the week was up! I hope you'll enjoy a late edition of last week's mail :)

Whew, Monday was an epic day for mail! I received a group order from MUA which you can see Noel gleefully rummaging through above! It looks like a lot, but my share of the order was relatively small - Out There Plumping glosses in Pin Up Pink, Sienna and Shocking Pink, Bare lipstick, eyebrow pencils in Blonde & Brunette and Pistachio Ice Cream polish.
I also received some awesome moustache jewellery which I picked up super cheaply on Ebay. They are so silly :D
Finally I got a surprise nail mail parcel from my wonderful friend Vanessa. Isn't she the sweetest? She sent me Wet N Wild The Crown Is Mine, Chi Chi Social Climber, Wet N Wild The Gold and the Beautiful, Deborah Lippmann Constant Craving and Essie Sand Tropez.

On Wednesday I received a parcel from MUA via the awesome Shanin, who placed a separate group order. She got me the Undressed Too palette and Copper Glitter Quake polish. I've already used the Undressed Too palette a couple of times, I'm in love!
I also got a parcel of Nostalgic Nail Lacquers from the ever adorable Nicola from Leona Carolina (these group orders will be the death of me, but I love them!). I got The Princess, As If and Duckie. I've wanted Duckie FOREVER so I'm so excited to play with these!

On Thursday I got a jawdropping swap package from Grace over at Polish Armoire, isn't she the best? She found Daring Digits a bit too stinky so we did a polish swap and she sent me all these: Ice, Sea Dragon, Girl's Night Out, Love Dragon, Lilac, Sky Dragon, New Year, Fire Dragon and (not pictured) Blackberry Square. Grace also sent me lots of binder rings to organise my swatch sticks, I haven't finished yet but above you can see some of my holos. Seeing them organised makes me happy!
I also got China Glaze's Emerald Sparkle, another longtime lemming quashed :D

Image source:
Lastly, on Friday I received a tonne more parcels - not pictured are the ones containing birthday presents for my sister, in case she reads my blog ;)
I got 100 more swatch sticks, royal blue flocking powder for velvet nails, a carriage necklace and a slave bracelet all via Ebay. I'll pop up a post featuring the slave bracelet tomorrow. I also got a pair of polka dot skinny jeans from Glassons - I'm not sure yet whether I like them on me! Still trying to figure out how to style them. They're also a little big, I was a size 12 for years but after having Noel I've lost weight and I'm a 10 or smaller. I bought a 10, but I possibly should have gone for an 8. It's all a bit weird buying smaller sizes when you're so used to always reaching for a medium or a 12 and being sure it would fit!
It was my first time ordering from the Glassons website, and it was super quick and easy. I really like that they ship for free in NZ too!


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  1. Nice Haul! You got a lot of items in hand. WOW! <3 all of your stuffs!

  2. When my swap parcel from you arrived, you should have seen my face! I couldn't stop beaming while looking at all the new pretties to try out.

    I also love the Pumpkin Carriage necklace, must remember to browse Ebay when I want interesting jewellery.

    1. Yay, I'm so glad!
      It's a pretty cute necklace, nice to have something a bit different :)


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