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Hey lovelies,

I hope you enjoyed the 2012 favourites lists. Today I'd like to share swatches of two of my Christmas gifts, Charmed I'm Sure lipstick and Phiff Dazzleglass from MAC's Marilyn Monroe collection. I was gifted these separately by my sister Casey and my Uncle Trevor, and I love them both!

All swatches are without lip liner. Charmed I'm Sure is a little deeper than the photos show. Phiff! adds a lovely subtle sparkle to it, or looks lovely on its own.

MAC Charmed I'm Sure swatch

MAC Phiff! Dazzleglass swatch

MAC Charmed I'm Sure and Phiff Dazzleglass swatch

Aren't they lush? Hopefully I'll be able to get my hands on Love Goddess and Deeply Adored lippies from the same collection soon. Maybe on Specktra or *gulp* Ebay.

Have a lovely sparkly day!


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