Cult Nails - Coveted

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Hey lovelies,

We're off to the Hawkes Bay today for Mike's grandparents' combined 80th birthday party. I'll be back on Sunday, but I've set up a guest post for tomorrow. For now, here's the lovely Coveted from Cult Nails' Behind Closed Doors collection.

When I saw other swatches of this collection, I wasn't sure if I'd love or hate Coveted. Sometimes the shredded glitter didn't seem like it worked, and other times they looked fantastic. But when mine arrived, and I saw the spectacular shade of pine green shimmer, with glowing shards of glitter, I was sold. I had to try it straight away!

Cult Nails Coveted Swatch

Cult Nails - Coveted, 3 coats

Cult Nails Coveted Swatch

Formula wise, Coveted was great. It applied smoothly with very little manipulation needed for the shards. I did find it a little sheer, so I think I'll layer it next time I wear it. 
I tried out my bottle of Wicked Fast for the first time for this mani, and I liked how glossy it was. It wasn't as fast drying as Seche Vite, so I might save it for days when I have more time to dedicate to a mani. At the moment I'm in the habit of doing my mani at 3PM, and I leave for work at 4:30PM, so it needs to be dry and ready to go by then. Unfortunately my mani got a bit smushed with Wicked Fast as it wasn't quite dry.

Cult Nails Coveted bottle shot

And the bottle shot from yesterday :)

Thanks for reading, and have a great Friday!


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Cult Nails - Behind Closed Doors

Purchased by me/Contains referral links

Hey lovelies,

Today I got some amazing nail mail from Cult Nails! I placed an order for the Behind Closed Doors collection when it was released as a set with preview pricing, and did a bit of Christmas shopping while I was at it. A few extras may have also jumped in my cart just because ;)

Cult Nails order

Check out the gorgeous tissue paper! I love the attention to detail.

Cult Nails order

I love the Cult Nails logo. Isn't it cute?
(Ps. I'm wearing Girly Bits Razzle Dazzle)

Cult Nails order

Burritos! I really like that they are labelled on the outside.

Cult Nails order

Maria is famous for her wrapping her polishes in little burritos! It keeps them nice and safe on their long trip around the world. Here they are all stacked up - Bitten was too impatient to stay hidden though!

Cult Nails order

All the pretties lined up, excluding the three purchased for Christmas gifts.
L-R - Gold flakes, Afterglow, Bitten, Flushed, Disciplined, Coveted, Enigmatic, Swanborne, Wicked Fast

And now for some bottle shots! I'm not actually sure what happened to my bottle shot of Afterglow. I'll take it again and update this post asap.

Cult Nails Bitten bottle shot

I'm painting my nails with Coveted now. Unfortunately I just broke the nail on my index finger of my swatching hand, so swatches may look a little ratty for a while :(

Cult Nails can be purchased here.


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A Few More Glitter Macros

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Hey lovelies,

I'm still going nuts for glitter macros. Here are some I've captured recently (gotta catch 'em all!)

Pinkey and China Glaze Marry A Millionaire Swatch

Pinkey - Unnamed purple foil, 2 coats

Zoya Michelle and Nabi Lilac Jumbo Glitter Swatch

Zoya - Michelle, 2 coats

Hare Supernova Springs Swatch

Hare - Supernova Springs, 2 coats

OPI That's Hot Pink and LA Splash Sparkling Wave Swatch

LA Splash - Sparkling Wave, 2 coats

Jordana Fuchsia Flicker

Jordana - Fuchsia Flicker, 2 coats

Mavala Frozen Berry and Color Club Candy Cane Swatch

Mavala - Frozen Berry, 3 coats

Have an awesome day!


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Hare - Pegasus

Purchased by me/Contains affiliate links

Hello lovelies,

A quick post tonight before I edit some photos and head to bed. This is the mani I've been wearing the last two days, the divine Pegasus by Hare Polish. I was lucky enough to pick this up when Nikole restocked her Etsy store earlier in the month, and it arrived in the post last week along with Supernova Springs and A Positive. I've already worn Supernova Springs and can't wait to try A Positive! Every Hare I've tried so far, I have loved.

Hare Pegasus Swatch

Hare - Pegasus, 3 coats

Hare Pegasus Swatch

On the first coat, I'm not gonna lie, Pegasus looked really sheer and like it'd never build to opacity on its own. But I'm pleased to be wrong, no undies are needed for this beauty!
Now I'm plotting my next Hare purchases... I want ALL THE HARES!


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Purchased by me

Hey lovelies,

Whoops! This post was supposed to be scheduled for 7AM on Monday, but I must have done something wrong :s
Today I have some good old fashioned spam for you!
Depend is a Swedish brand, but it has started popping up in Postie stores in NZ in recent years. I've also found it in a pharmacy on Lambton Quay, which tends to have different colours to the ones in Postie (which tends to have the same stock in each store).
They're only $3 a pop so I have amassed a wee collection of them. Opacity is usually pretty great, and I think the little bottles are so cute!

[Click to enlarge the photos]

Depend #167

#167, 2 coats.

Depend #034

#034, 2 coats.

Depend #034

#034 (Possibly mislabelled? I'm not sure which of these is the real #034), 3 coats.
I suspect this may be #244 with a wrong label.

Depend #115

#115, 3 coats.

Depend #190 over #115

#190, 1 coat over #115. 
This is pretty, but I feel like the base of #190 is too dense for layering. I'll have to try it over a paler colour.

Depend #086

#086, 2 coats.
Not really me.

Depend #069

#069, 2 coats

Depend #188

#188, 2 coats.
Poor polish, any uneven texture is due to my base coat, not from the polish. Not a flattering shade on me though.

Depend #136

#136, 3 coats.
Love this shade, but it was a bit streaky.

Depend #202

#202, 2 coats.

Depend #201 and Color Club Wicked Sweet

#201, 3 coats with an accent nail of Color Club Wicked Sweet

Depend #255

#255, 3 coats.

Depend #262

#262, 3 coats.

Depend #242

#242, 4 coats.
Yucky on my skintone!

Depend #204

#204, 2 coats.

Depend #252

#252, 3 coats.
Yikes! My poor nails!

Depend #228

#228, 2 coats.

Depend #200

#200, 2 coats.

Depend #058 over Zoya Neeka

#058, 1 coat over Zoya - Neeka.
I'm not sure I like this over Neeka. Hmm.

Depend #171

#171, 1 coat

Hope you enjoyed!


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