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Hello lovelies,

I had big plans for posting today, but I have been defeated by my rudimentary photography skills. I'm having trouble finding a good spot to take face of the day photos in the house, the flash keeps washing my already pale complexion out so that you can barely see the make up! Aaaarrrgh. But I seem to be doing my make up too late in the day to forgo flash when it comes time to snap pictures. Work in progress.
So today I have a round up of what I've been up to. 

MAC Lady Danger and Girl About Town

With my beautiful sister Casey at our work do last week. I'm so unbelievably proud of how well she is doing at work :)
I'm wearing MAC Lady Danger lipstick (prior to the Noel attack, see below), and I believe Casey is wearing MAC's Girl About Town. I'm also wearing Ardell #120 lashes and a rather delightful moustache (the work do was Wild West themed). 

Wet n Wild Buffy the Violet Slayer swatch

At the races on Saturday (another work do!). There are my ultra pale legs on the left! I failed terribly at getting outfit and make up photos, but look, nail polish! I wore Wet n Wild Buffy the Violet Slayer as a pedicure. I received this gorgeous purple from Dana at Polished Claws Up, I'm such a Buffy fan girl!

Crazy baby covered in lipstick (see my post on this fiasco here) and felt tip after spending time with his aunt Amy. Wonder if this is a sign of tattoos to come...

My nails have me pretty grumpy at the moment, my middle finger broke on an odd angle again. I can't file it straight to even things out as my nail bed comes up quite high in the centre of this nail for some reason. So I'll have a weird wonky nail for a week or so and swatches will look awful. *Grumble grumble* Just when I was wanting to start on Christmas nail art too!
Anyway, I tried out some nail shields/foils/what have you for the second time (the first time did NOT go well - couldn't even finish application, poor quality ones from a different brand). I received this set from Michaela at Nail Polish Anon as per of her recent grab bag blog sale. I'm not too sure of the brand, they are simply called 'Nail Polish Stick'. They were quite easy to work with despite me being a novice at these things, and I like them more than I thought I would. I decided to add a coat of flakies (Nubar 2010) and topcat to finish the look, and oh gosh, Seche Vite does not co-operate with this set. They shrunk and wrinkled, particularly on my right hand and generally looked gross. So I probably won't use SV again with this kind of thing. But I will probably try out more nail appliques/patches etc.

This was the best photo I managed of my make up today, and you can't see my eyeshadow - which was the point of this exercise *face palm*
I have so many eyeshadow palettes that just aren't getting enough love that I've decided to challenge myself to use a different eyeshadow each day from my many palettes, brights included - I've gotten too used to falling back on neutrals for everyday! I'll start a proper series once I've figured out FOTD photography, but for now here's today's product listing.

MAC Studio Sculpt NC15 foundation
MAC Select Cover-Up NW15 concealer
MAC Mighty Aphrodite blush
MAC Lightscapade MSF

MAC Rose pigment all over lid
Dior Beige Sunshine eyeshadow in crease
Sleek Oh So Special palette - shimmery brown shade on lower lashline
MAC Hoppin' eyeshadow as highlight & blend shade
Clinique Colour Surge Duo 101 Sunburst - shimmery beige as highlight & blend (couldn't resist an old favourite!)

Rimmel Vinyl Carat Gloss - Star Asset

Sorry this post has been so cantankerous! Better things tomorrow I hope - I plan to sew Christmas decorations :D


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