Merry Christmas!


Hey lovelies,

I hope you are all having a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones. Here are a few quick shots from our Christmas.

Noel got a toy oven as an early Christmas present!

I finished my Christmas bunting and hung it up!

Noel & Felix playing with Noel's new oven.

Noel unwrapping a present with his Granddad Wal.

Mum's cat Ruby playing with wrapping paper

My brother Nick and I pulling the ever classy duckface

Ruby again!

Noel intent on his new laptop.

Stay safe over the holiday period and enjoy life!


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  1. Hope your Christmas has been totally fab. I want to steal Ruby away and never give her back. What a cutie... those massive eyes!

    Smokey may not appreciate that though :(

    1. Thanks, I hope yours was great too! Heehee I think Smokey is safe - Ruby is firmly esconced here!


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