Guest Post: Zoe's First Foray in the Blogosphere

Hello lovelies!

I'm away for the weekend, so today I have a guest post from the lovely Zoe. Thanks so much for agreeing to guest post for me, Zoe!


Hello readers! 

My name is Zoe and Lani has kindly asked me to write a guest post for her. Now, this is my first *ever* blog post so you'll have to bear with me while I find my feet. I was hoping to show you a haul I'm expecting but because NZpost is being less than efficient, I had to rethink that. I thought long and hard and finally decided upon one of my favorites. If you're a New Zealand reader you'll know that anything from a past collection can be rather difficult to find, so you'll appreciate it when I say It took me the better part of a year
to track this polish down. So, without further hesitation, I present to you OPI Flower to Flower.

OPI Flower to Flower was part of the mini collection Summer flutter which was released in 2010 along with three other polishes; Catch me in your net, Flit a bit and Wing it! I applied three smooth coats over Seche Rebuild and added on Seche Vite as my topcoat.

Catch me in your net seems to get the most attention from this collection, and as lovely as it is (Another favorite of mine) it means people often pass by the hidden beauty of Flower to Flower with its subtle silver shimmer.

And because I can’t leave well enough alone,  I added on a polish that Lani kindly sent my way, Dollish Polish Random Dancing. This polish is really something beautiful; it’s full of large square glitters, yellow medium square, orange hex glitter and then smaller purple hex glitter.  I added one coat overtop of Flower to Flower, then another coat of Seche Vite.

Alkatraz was helping me with my photos.

I hope you enjoyed my first post and maybe one day you’ll see me back doing another, or perhaps even with my own blog.

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  1. Yay Zoe! Soon you'll get the blogging bug :D Great photos of a lovely polish ^__^

  2. Flower to Flower is one of my biggest lemmings!!!!!! All I can ever find for a reasonable price is the darned orange from that collection. Where did you nab your bottle Zoe? Would love to see more of your tattoos! Alkatraz is beautiful, is he a bit of a crim at times??

  3. *waves* Hi Zoe! You have beautiful nails! And such a pretty polish too :)

  4. :O I got comments! I was lucky and scored my bottle on trademe - Anything I really need to have I save the search of and get the email updates - saves me having to trawl through listing everyday lol. Once I get a log up and running I'll dedicate a post to showing off all my tattoos ( Don't have enough in my opinion) Alkatraz is really well behaved, she's a complete cheeky tart though xD, whenever we get a load of firewood in she always steals pieces and runs away with them, thinks she so clever

    Thankies for the lovely comments!

    1. Hooray for all your comments! You're always welcome back to guest post xx